March 19, 2012

Open To The Public: Belleville’s New Station

Though peripheral work continues around the building, as of March 20th Belleville’s new station and overhead walkway will be open to the public. Hooray, hooray! The elevators leading up to the walkway on either side are also in operation.

The new station with its high ceilings, modern masonry and bright colours will definitely impress. From the waiting area, the wall of windows offers  unobstructed views of the overhead walkway, island platform and tracks, and people can bask in the natural light as they await their train.

The WiFi system has also been installed, so passengers can also chose to work or be entertained online before boarding (and continue to do so through the on-board WiFi system as well).

Work continues on the island platform, which will not be complete at the time of the station opening. Other work to be done includes new grading, track work and a new passenger platform in front of the station.

An official opening ensues, once all the construction is wrapped up. In the meantime, we welcome you to come by and visit your new station or check out some images in the Belleville Station Build image gallery. 

The original Belleville Station, a heritage building, will remain on site next to the new station. The new Belleville Station was funded through Capital Investment and is part of VIA’s Billion-Dollar Transformation.