August 10, 2012

Entertainment On Board? Here’s Your Preview…

Announcing a new pilot project for VIA passengers:  On Board Entertainment!

VIA is currently in the “proof of concept” stage of a new system that allows passengers to watch news, TV shows and documentaries while they travel.

Currently two train sets running in the Québec-city – Windsor Corridor have gone “live” with the system and the results have been better than expected. People are watching, and enjoying the many shows offered through the pilot project.

From Steve and Chris to The National, the various programming offered through the CBC and Radio-Canada have proven popular so far. And don’t forget the documentaries (mostly short form for now) that the NFB have provided for the viewing pleasure of our passengers. Those have garnered much interest as well.

“With numbers this good, things are looking promising,” explains Yves Bourbonnais, Chief Information Officer at VIA, “but the project is still in its infancy, and decisions will be made based on the information feedback following this proof of concept phase”.

The good news is that the pilot will be rolled out to more trains, between 5-10 within the next couple of months, so more people will be able to enjoy the offering. On top of that, WiFi users will be happy to know that the on-board entertainment shows are streamed through a dedicated server installed on the train’s brain car (LINK), which actually translates to more available bandwidth for those who prefer to surf the net.

Make sure to check back for news about the on board entertainment system as well as other projects funded through the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan that are Transforming VIA