December 15, 2011

Breaking Ground in Cobourg

VIA is thrilled to announce the latest Capital Investment project: Cobourg Station!  The work officially began on December 8th, and over the next few months Cobourg station will be undergoing a transformation.

Similar to work being done in Oshawa and Belleville, Cobourg will be benefitting from a new overhead footbridge, island platform and elevators for improved accessibility, safety and security and a better travel experience for passengers.

The first part of the work, which has recently begun, will entail building the foundation for the new island platform, the elevator shafts, the stairs as well as installing all the piping.

The island platform in Cobourg will be heated, so that trucks will not have to cross the tracks to remove snow and ice in winter – which is safer and much more efficient.

Stay tuned in future weeks for updates and images of Cobourg Station’s work in progress!

The Cobourg Station upgrade has been funded through the Government of Canada’s billion-dollar Capital Investment. It is part of a larger program to modernize station facilities, amenities, tracks and building designs in a number of stations throughout the Kingston Subdivision.

To read the official press release about the work in Cobourg, please click here.