September 26, 2011

100 Years Old, But Still Green

“What a great birthday present!” Raphael Leung, VIA’s Senior Officer Technical Services couldn’t be more excited. For the last 23 years Raphael has been working to improve the efficiency of Winnipeg’s almost-100-year-old Union Station, and all his hard work has paid off, literally!

VIA has been working hard to reduce the natural gas, electricity and water consumption in Winnipeg Union Station.

“There has been a reduction of about 82% in gas consumption and 25% of electrical consumption and water consumption was reduced by 2 million gallons per year, compared to use in 1990. Less water consumption means less water discharged into the sewer system, and therefore less waste.

As well, the yearly cost to heat the 248,000 square foot building has been reduced to 67 cents per square foot / year. Just for comparison, $1 per square foot / year is the Manitoba eco-efficiency rating,” explains Leung.

Through the Capital Investment dollars spent at Union station, Raphael has been able to oversee many projects, including the installation of a new roof (pictured above, with Raphael), the upgrade and insulation of the main roof from R0 to R25 and the replacement of the old, very large low efficiency boilers with 3 much smaller, high efficiency near condensing boilers.

It’s no wonder that the building has just received a BOMA BESt Level 2 designation. BOMA BESt Level 2 designation “demonstrates that a building is moving towards excellence in energy and environmental performance through better management.”*

Congratulations Raphael, and Happy Birthday Union Station!

*text taken from BOMA website