Access to Information

As an independent Crown corporation, VIA Rail Canada is under the Access to Information Act since September 1, 2007, and gives Canadian citizens as well as people and corporations present in Canada the right to have access to general administration records that do not contain personal information about other individuals.

Exemptions and Exclusions

However, some information may be exempt or excluded under the Act. Exemptions protect certain types of information that could cause harm if released. Also, the Act does not apply to information that is already available publicly, such as publications or material available on the VIA Rail’s web site.

To make a formal request under the Access to Information Act

  • Fill out the Access to Information Request Form Logo Adobe Acrobat (PDF) (38 KB) or submit a letter and include the following :
    • you must state clearly that you are requesting information under the Access to Information Act 
    • description (be as specific as possible) of the record of interest to you 
    • name, street, address, city or town, province or territory, postal code, telephone number(s) 
    • date of your request 
    • signature 
  • Enclose the application fee of $5 (cheque or money order only) made payable to VIA Rail Canada for each request.           
  • Send the request to VIA’s Access to Information Coordinator at the following address:

    VIA Rail Canada
                Access to Information and Privacy Acts
                3 Place Ville Marie, Suite 500
                Montreal, Quebec,
                H3B 2C9

Turnaround time

According to the Act, VIA Rail Canada must acknowledge a request within 30 calendar days of receiving it. However, in special cases, the organization may need more time to process your request and are required to notify you of the need for an extension in such circumstances.